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eCYBER18 Comes to a Close with New National Winners!

After a long year, over 22,000 student participants, almost 6,000 teams and plenty of innovation, our 2018 eCYBERMISSION competition came to a close with winners from grades 6, 7, 8 and 9 announced at our National Judging & Educational Event (NJ&EE). 

It was an incredibly exciting week for students, TA's, family and friends alike. From exploring the monuments and museums on DC Day, to teams meeting with their state legislators, to our National Showcase and more, it was a successful 16th annual event.

“The creativity and enthusiasm that students bring to the eCYBERMISSION competition every year is truly inspiring, and that has been particular true this week at NJ&EE,” said Louie R. Lopez, AEOP Cooperative Agreement Manager. “The national winners, who have made it through this rigorous process, represent the best in the country and should take great pride in their success.”

The winning teams were chosen from 20 national finalist teams, which were selected from 4,345 teams that entered the 2018 competition. Since the program’s inception in 2002, eCYBERMISSION has awarded state, regional and national competition winners more than $10 million in U.S. Savings Bonds. This year, each member of the national finalist teams received a total of $4,000 in U.S. E.E. Savings Bonds (matured value), and each member of the national winning teams received a total of $9,000 U.S. E.E. Savings Bonds (matured value) each. 

Without further adieu, here are the winners from the 2018 eCYBERMISSION STEM Competition...

6th Grade


The MADScientists, from Naperville, Illinois consisted of team mates Sanskriti Aggarwal, Meera Dullur, Diya Kannan, and Anjali Shah and Team Advisor Dr. Srimani Chakravarthi. Together, they worked to solve the problem of phosphorus runoff affecting the ecosystem of local ponds and streams with the use of natural alternatives.

Congratulations, MADScientists!

7th Grade

Ecstatic Statics

The Ecstatic Statics from Madison, Alabama consisted of team mates Pranav Somu, Puja Chopade, and Neha Chopade and Team Advisor Beena Chopade. Together, they worked to find ways to discard batteries properly using the triboelectric effect to generate usable electricity.

Congratulations, Ecstatic Statics!

8th Grade

Under Control

Under Control from Lewis Center, Ohio consisted of team mates Soham Joshi, Pranav Krishnamoorthy, and Kathir Maarikarthykeyan and Team Advisor Santosh Joshi. Together, they worked to combat the negative effects of harmful algae blooms, otherwise known as HABs.

Congratulations, Under Control!

9th Grade


The MemoryTygers from Taos Tyger Lab in Taos, New Mexico consisted of team mates Britney Hsu, Abdul Khweis, and Mikayla Martinez and Team Advisor Laura Tenorio. Together, they worked to explore other cultures that have lower occurrences of neurodegenerative disease to help find natural remedies to combat them

Congratulations, MemoryTygers!

We also awarded a People's Choice Award to one special team. For this, anyone could go to the website and vote for their favorite team. Knocking last year's vote count out of the park, we reached over 11,000 votes! This year's prize of iPad Minis was awarded to...

Blazing Radiance

Blazing Radiance consisted of team mates Advika Agarwal, Shrusti Amula and Angelina Xu and Team Advisor Mrs. Saakshi Amula. Together, they worked to create a way to detect forest fires early and prevent damage to life and property.

Congratulations, Blazing Radiance!

Another successful year in the books for eCYBERMISSION. We hope to see you all back next year, as well as some new faces! The mission starts now...

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