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STEM-In-Action Fall Follow-Up: ChargerPlastics

Another Friday and you know what that means?! Another chance to catch up with our 2020 STEM-In-Action grant recipients to see how their projects have been progressing since our National Judging and Educational Event back in June. In case you're just now tuning in, the U.S. Army Educational Outreach Program (AEOP) STEM-In-Action Grant awards eCYBERMISSION teams up to $5,000 to develop their projects into mature and scalable solutions in their community. Normally, we award this honorary grant to five teams, but this year ten teams took home the prestigious award. This week we're heading south to North Carolina to catch up with ChargerPlastics and see how they are bettering their Charlotte community.--Hello! We’re team ChargerPlastics, and we are 9th graders from Charlotte, North Carolina! Our group consists of Morgan Boonshaft, Pavan Thakkar, Katherine Liu, Jodie Yan, and Laura Plata, and well as our team advisor Mr. Mark Bartholet. 
When we entered into eCYBER last year, we neve…

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