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Nationals, Here We Come...

2018 National Finalist Teams Head to Reston, VA in the Washington, D.C. Area
Teams from across the country, including its US Territories and DoDEA, are heading to Reston, VA, just outside our nation's capital, in June to compete in the 2018 National Judging and Educational Event held by eCYBERMISSION, an Army Educational Outreach Program (AEOP). From 5 regions, 20 national qualifying teams are bringing their A-games and putting their year-long hard work to the test to see who will come out on top.
To see who made it in your and what they’ve been working on check it out:

6th Grade Finalist Teams
Blazing Radiance Location:Maryland Project Summary: In an effort to detect forest fires early and prevent damage to life and property, team Blazing Radiance developed FICSS (Fire Indicators Combined to Save Souls). This product gets positioned in a forest, and is programmed to electronically submit geographical coordinates to authorities when a flame is detected; allowing firefig…

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