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Meet Our CyberGuides: Riding the Rubric

Getting to Know Our Guides

Each year, eCYBERMISSION has the pleasure of working with many volunteers that sign up as CyberGuides for our program. CyberGuides are STEM professionals, both civilian and active military duty, that join our program to provide online assistance to our eCM teams. They also can serve as Ambassadors and spread the word about eCM in their local communities. 
For our upcoming chat on Thursday, September 20th at 5 PM E.T., we wanted to sit down with our two CyberGuides, Bruce Elliot and Jeffrey Gillispie and get to know how they came to be in their respective STEM fields and why they think its important to encourage today's youth to think about STEM as a career path.
Meet: Bruce Elliot
How did you begin your career in STEM?

I became interested in Microbiology in 10th grade when we had a bacteriology unit in Biology class. I had a wonderful teacher, a PhD, who fostered my interest and who got me a university internship my senior year. From there I majored in M…

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