A Life-Saving Search & Rescue: The Journey to Mission Success

Pt. 3 of 4 – A Connected Community

Welcome back!

Since the start of team SPOT-R’s Journey and Discovery, the students worked with local schools throughout the 2015-2016 school year to craft educational materials, including researching and developing the activity booklets used to highlight SPOT-R’s educational outreach.

Summer of 2016 was SPOT-R’s opportunity to effectively engage the community with planned activities they scheduled at the annual Fourth of July Festival and Back-to-School Bash. Also during this time, the student team created a web page called appsci.weebly.com  and a Facebook page for the Appalachian Science Experiment and  SPOT-R program

We have designed elements such as coloring sheets, mazes, and crossword puzzles,” said SPOT-R. “We have strengthened ourelationshipwith schools and other educational venues.”
Since team SPOT-R’s first showcasing of their drone display, at eCYBERMISSION’s 2015 National Judging & Educational Event (NJ&EE), it’s become their most effective outreach program in the community. The NJ&EE showcase helped SPOT-R build more confidence in public speaking. 

During the well-attended annual Back-to-School Bash in Avery County, the team demonstrated the drone device’s full potential. The team also generated buzz around a popular kids game they designed called, ‘Pin the Hiker on SPOT-R.’ Children were blindfolded and attempted to stick the hiker on the dog's picture. All participants received an activity booklet, and "winners" got to pick a prizepencil, stamper, or other goody with the SPOT-R paw-print.

Community Events

The Appalachian Science Experiment out of North Carolina has developed the teams’ relationship with the Crossnore Volunteer Fire Department, now primary community sponsor for SPOT-R. In addition, other local rescue organizations have taken interest and started creating recruitment tools—brochure re-design— to be used with SPOT-R. Four new members have joined the Appalachian Science Experiment, and others have expressed interest in joining, so the program continues to be well supported.

Through a number of community events, SPOT-R has worked to expand education outreach efforts. As mentioned in Pt. 1 – Journey, the team first revealed the SPOT-R drone device at their local YMCA’s Chapman Center as part of the North Carolina Science Fair on April 21, 2016. 

As part of the North Carolina Science Festival, the team was invited to a reception at the Governor's Mansion in Raleigh. One individual at the reception, in particular, was very impressed with the team’s work and extended an invitation to participate in the Burlington Mini-Maker Faire. The Mini-Maker Faire is a community event connecting people with ALL-thing science; Features hundreds of all-STEM exhibitors and exhibits.

“We met other builders and innovators, including multi-rotor enthusiasts, who were excited about the technology for search and rescue,” said team SPOT-R. “This event also allowed us to build great relationships."

STAY TUNED for Pt. 4 of 4 – Mission Success!


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