An App in Motion: Full STEM Ahead!

eCYBERMISSION's STEM-in-Action Grant program provides an opportunity for up to five student teams each year to receive a grant up to $5,000. Teams that receive this U.S. Army funded grant have an additional year to further implement their Mission Folder projects submitted for the competition.

Team Rocky Run—2015-16 STEM-in-Action Grant recipients from Chantilly, VA—created a device using a Raspberry Pi microcomputer to detect dangerous stove top temperature levels that will alert the homeowner. This was to address a tragedy in their community in which their house had burned down due to a stove fire. 

Sharing Information through Community Outreach 

  • Rocky Run has successfully reached out to community leaders, including their local Centreville Fire Department.
  • The team was able to present their device to the department and receive feedback from the fire chief.
  • Students also, they stood outside the local public library and demonstrated the device (name of device)  in a public seminar.

“We received a good amount of feedback, including things such as alerting a home protection agency, as well as creating a way to use the device in more versatile locations, such as the attic or backyard.”

Taking it to the Next Level!

As part of Rocky Run’s overall plan to further implement their project, the team made a program for a mobile app using Android Studio 2.2.2. The app provides user name and password fields for security purposes, enables the user to select the temperature at which the device will be triggered via the Apache client server, and enables the user to set a time period for which this temperature should be held for the device to be triggered.

Stay tuned as we continue to highlight other 2015-2016 STEM-in-Action Grant teams that are creating program success with their additional award money.


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