Team Charger 9 wins eCYBERMISSION Grade 9 Southeast Region

Team Charger 9

Providence Day School; Charlotte, N.C.
Team Members: Alex Heintze, Matthew Howard, Christian Ortiz and Barbara Morrow (Team Advisor)

“Team Charger 9” attempted to make fresh produce last longer in a standard household refrigerator. To do this, the team engineered a device that dehumidifies and filters the air inside of a refrigerator. The students modified an Eva-Dry Petite 1100 dehumidifier and added a 3M-Filtrete Filter to reduce spores or particles in the air and installed it into a donated refrigerator. The collected condensate was recycled into the freezer where it could be used as ice. The team named its device the FFL (which stands for Fresh Food Longer), and used fresh, non-organically grown strawberries as its test subject. After multiple test runs, the team concluded that the spoil rate is directly affected by humidity levels and amount of reproductive spores inside the refrigerator.


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