Sun Sensors win eCYBERMISSION Grade 6 Northeast Region

Sun Sensors

George J. Mitchell Elementary School; Little Egg Harbor, N.J.

Team Members: Dylan Breese, Jayden Craft, Brianna Hoegler, Jessie Rising and Patricia Naples (Team Advisor)

Team “Sun Sensors” investigated claims made by sunglass manufacturers that sunglasses block high energy blue and UV wavelengths of light; therefore preventing damage to our eyes. The team designed and conducted three experiments that tested the effect of sunglasses on the spectrum of visible light, determined if UV waves pass through lenses, and quantified its results using a UV light source, Vernier UVA and UVB sensors, and Logger Pro software. Based on the analysis of the data they collected, the students discovered that the lens samples affected the brightness, color bands and width of the visible light spectrum while blocking the harmful UV wavelengths of light. As members of its community spend a great deal of time outside, the team recommends that everyone wear sunglasses to protect their eyes and prevent damage.


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