RADIANS win eCYBERMISSION Grade 8 Southeast Region


Shanghai American School; San Jia Gang, Pudong, China
Team Members: Saumya Chugh, Alan Liang, Rishab Chander and Bhagyashri (Shri) Chander (Team Advisor)

The “RADIANS” worked on a project called "Shanghai's Dilemma" that compared produce from local markets and international supermarkets for nutritional content and exposure to heavy metals, pesticides, and bacterial contamination. The team found that while there are no nutritional differences in the produce from the two sources, the produce from the local market is less contaminated, contrary to its hypothesis. The team hopes that these results will encourage the community to shop at the local market. Shopping at the local market will boost the local economy and has the added benefit of being less expensive for the consumer. During their project, the students also had the opportunity to have exposure to advanced technology and instrumentation used in food safety today.


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