CommandZ wins eCYBERMISSION Grade 6 Southeast Region


White Station Middle School; Memphis, Tenn.
Team Members: Theo Patt, Joshua Leow, Reeva Kedia, Mia Pearce and Sharon Bellott / Marlene Garner (Team Advisor)

Team “CommandZ” created a behavior modification system to solve the issue of people relying on technology to connect with others. Using an online form-based point system to track users’ participation in various categories, the team generated leaderboards that compared users to others and took advantage of competitive traits in participants to force players to keep interacting to get the high score. To test the system, the students created a small-scale prototype that measured participation of a group of students as they attended school and out-of-school events. To measure increases in participation, they designed and conducted surveys before and after testing. After running tests for three weeks they analyzed the data and discovered that not only did participants consistently use their system, but participation increased dramatically in all categories after using it.


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