2011 NJ&EE Wrap-up

The eCYBERMISSION STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) stars hit the red carpet on Friday, June 24 as the 16 teams of Regional eCYBERMISSION Winners gathered during the National Judging and Education Event (NJ&EE) at the National Awards Banquet for the announcement of the First-Place National Winners for each grade level. For the past nine years the National Awards Banquet gathers these outstanding STEM students to celebrate their hardwork and achievement throughout the year. Here's a quick look at the National Winners for each grade level.

National Winners

The National First-Place Team for the sixth grade was Team Genius. Team Genius's project included efforts to create a device that would eliminate phantom leaks in electricity, which occur when an electronic device is left plugged in when not in use, such as cell phone chargers.

The National First-Place Team for the seventh grade was Surf City Smart Bikes. The Surf City Smart Bikes' project focused on bicycle safety. The team created a device that prompts the rider to buckle their helmet through the use of audible and visual aids. Once the rider sits on the bike, a buzzing sound is audible until the rider buckles the helmet, encouraging rider safety.

The National First-Place Team for the eigth grade was The POD People. The POD People's project involved them designing an alternative source of energy using a mirror, magnifying glass, and a highly reflective parabolic dish to focus heat on a Stirling engine. The POD People felt they could build upon existing and promising technologies to develop a faster solution to this problem.

The National First-Place Team for the ninth grade was Team Huge. The students of Team Huge focused on capturing kinetic energy generated by walking. The team measured three methods of generating and capturing electricity – electromagnetic induction, solar power, and piezoelectricity. The team created wearable devices that could be fastened to a shoe to measure the effectiveness of each of the three methods of generating electricity.

Overall the week of NJ&EE was fun, it was exciting, and most importantly, it was educational for all who were involved. In a week filled with excitement, some highlights of the week included a presentation by the Black Ops Brothers, a tour of the Capitol Building, monuments and museums in Washington, D.C., and last but certainly not least, a fun sampling of science and engineering during the Army Labs Day presentations!

Congratulations to all of our 2011 First-Place Regional Winners and good luck next year!


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