Mission Folder and Submission Tips

As the Mission Folder submission deadline of this Friday, Feb. 26, 2010 quickly approaches, there are a few tips and guidelines we would like to share with you.

1. Create a good first impression: The “State Your Problem” section of the Mission Folder is the first thing the Virtual Judges see. Students should think about what excites them about their project and their answers in this first section should have a “wow” factor.

2. Check Mission Folders for proper grammar and spelling: Students should also have a peer or Team Advisor review the text for grammar and spelling mistakes.

3. Upload images and supplemental files that will help the Virtual Judges to score the Mission Folder: Be sure that all of the attached images or files uploaded clearly support the hypothesis or conclusions.
     a. Notate attachments in the Mission Folder text
     b. Verify that all of the links work: To view acceptable files, click here.

4. Cite all resources used: Teams work hard on the background research for their Mission Folders. To validate their findings, students must credit those sources properly in their bibliography. For more information on bibliographies, click here.

5. Review judging criteria: Before teams submit, review the Mission Folder against the Virtual Judge’s rubric to ensure that the criteria for each section is addressed in the team’s Mission Folder answers. To view the judging criteria, click here.

6. Review the submission process with each team member: Mission Folders will not be successfully submitted unless each team member completes each of the following steps in the submission process:
     a. Each team member must log in
     b. Select check box next to username
     c. Select “submit”

7. Successfully submit all Mission Folders by 11:59 p.m. ET on Friday, Feb. 26, 2010: If your team encounters problems with submitting, contact Mission Control immediately for assistance.

For more information, contact Mission Control at missioncontrol@ecybermission.com or post a question to a CyberGuide in the Discussion Forums on our web site.


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