eCYBERMISSION Adds New Bonus to Student and Team Advisor Welcome Kits

One of the things that winning teams consistently tell us is that they started working on their projects as soon as they registered. In an effort to encourage students to begin working on projects right away, eCYBERMISSION announced a new bonus for both students and Team Advisors to encourage them to work on their Mission Folders early. 

Now though Dec. 31, if complete teams select a Mission Challenge and complete the “State Your Problem” phase, they will receive an extra prize in their welcome kits! Team Advisors will also receive one extra bonus item if any of their teams submit their Mission Challenge and Select Your Problem phase.

-Students must select a Mission Challenge and click the “Save Mission Challenge” button.

- Each answer must be completed in the “State Your Problem” phase of the Mission Folder and the “Phase Complete” button must be clicked to confirm.*
*Note: The phase complete button will not appear until all three questions are completed in the phase.

- If you are a student and have already completed these sections, please go back into your Mission Folder and click the “Save Mission Challenge” and “Phase Complete” buttons to ensure that you receive your bonus!

- If you are a Team Advisor, please encourage your students to complete the above phases. Your students’ completion will also ensure that you receive your bonus item.

Sometimes the hardest part of competing in eCYBERMISSION is getting started. We hope that this bonus will help make the process a little bit easier!


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