eCYBERMISSION Challenges Students to Design a Model Classroom, Powered Solely by Renewable Energy Sources

As teachers and students head back to school, eCYBERMISSION would like to send out a big "hooah" to all of our eCYBERMISSION followers for the opening of registration!

After seeing all of the great Mission Folders from last year's competition, we are so excited to see what innovative ideas the students come up with this year.

We are especially excited to announce our new Scenario-based Mission Challenge, focused around renewable energy. eCYBERMISSION is challenging students to design a model classroom, powered solely by renewable energy sources. This scenario-based Mission Challenge is an addition to our traditional Challenge topics of the Environment, Health and Safety, and Sports and Recreation.

Global climate change and the need for alternative sources of energy are topics that currently dominate our scientific and technological landscape.

In April of this year, the Energy Information Administration released its report on renewable energy consumption trends. In 2007, only seven percent of energy consumption came from renewable energy sources. Petroleum is the leader in energy consumption at 39 percent, followed by Natural Gas at 23 percent, Coal at 22 percent and Nuclear Electric Power at eight percent. Of the seven percent of renewable energy consumption, Biomass accounts for 53 percent, Hydroelectric accounts for 36 percent, Geothermal accounts for 5 percent, Wind accounts for five percent and Solar counts for only one percent.

Students today should be thinking about these challenges and how they can identify, test and present innovative solutions to investigate possible renewable energy sources. As the Renewable Energy Scenario Challenge focuses on the critical need for energy solutions in the very near future, we are challenging our students to design a model classroom, powered solely by renewable energy sources.

It is vital to recognize the importance of taking proper care of our environment, and using renewable energy as a significant part of the solution.

Check out the resources listed below to help you get started!


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