eCYBERMISSION Travels to Louisville, Kentucky for the 7th Brigade JROTC Training Workshop

This Monday (July 13), Deanna and I flew to Kentucky to attend the 7th Brigade JROTC Training Workshop in Louisville. Our trip had a slow start -- we found out our plane was delayed for nearly three hours when we arrived at Baltimore Washington International Airport (probably due to the Southwest emergency landing in West Virginia).

After our initial delay, we arrived to a beautiful sunny day in Kentucky and set up our booth for the event. The 7th Brigade training, where over 180 JROTC instructors from Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky and Indiana gather to train and network, would take place on July 14, 15 and 16.

Our booth included our newly designed eCYBERMISSION banner, trivia board and our print materials with information about the program. We also brought along t-shirts, water bottles and pens for those who played our fun science, math and technology jeopardy-style trivia game. Here is a picture of us standing in front of our banner before the event: Over the next two days, we thoroughly enjoyed speaking with JROTC instructors about the program. Typically, JROTC instructors have students in grades nine through twelve. The instructors actively engage cadets in community service and peer mentoring, and often help them identify opportunities for higher-education scholarships. We found that many of the instructors agreed with eCYBERMISSION values and encouraged students to study science, math and technology. I think the instructors liked our trivia game, but liked the accompanying water bottle or t-shirt even more. The pens were also a hit!

On a different note, this was the first time Deanna and I had been to Louisville, and we took the opportunity to soak up the southern culture. First, we tried a “Kentucky Hot Brown” sandwich, which consisted of toast with turkey, tomatoes, mushrooms and melted cheddar cheese. We didn’t know that it would look like this:
Neither of us were prepared for all that cheese! Needless to say, we could barely make it back up to our rooms! After exhibiting hours were over, we took a taxi into downtown Louisville, and had the chance to experience the extremely friendly locals. Everyone was so warm and welcoming; we had never experienced anything like it!

Finally, we took a stab at the public bus system. Although we didn’t get too lost, we did have to study our bus map for awhile. Check out Deanna navigating:This trip was a great experience. We had never been to a JROTC Brigade training workshop, and we hope to visit a few more before the summer is over. We are also in the process of selecting other conferences and events to attend. Any suggestions?


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